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Co-founded in 1994, Indiespace was the first web-based company to promote and sell independently-produced music, film, and entertainment properties. Today, Indiespace is an online entertainment, technology & marketing company/community for indie musicians, filmmakers, artists, game developers, authors and performers.

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Jeannie Novak

Jeannie Novak

CEO of Kaleidospace (home of Indiespace)

Jeannie is Co-Founder and President of Novy Unlimited, CEO of Kaleidospace (home of Indiespace), and Lead Author/Series Editor of Cengage Learning’s widely acclaimed Game Development Essentials series (with more than 15 published titles). Jeannie has provided game consulting services for game technology companies, serious game developers, research institutions, and colleges/universities such as UC Berkeley, USC’s Information Sciences Institute, Alelo, and GameSalad. Jeannie holds a BA in Mass Communication from UCLA and an MA in Communication Management from the Annenberg School at USC. She is on the Online Gameplay and Connectivity committees for the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and has served on the Executive Boards of Women in Games International and the International Game Developers Association. Jeannie is also an accomplished composer, songwriter, and performer (piano/voice).

Dr. Pete Markiewicz

Dr. Pete Markiewicz


Specialties: Teaching Internet/web development
Client-side (JavaScript, ActionScript) and Server-Side (PHP, ASP.NET) programming
Linking Virtual Worlds like Second Life to MySQL and other databases
Virtual Reality via browser: WebVR virtual reality using JavaScript
Virtual Reality Ux
US Generations – Millennials and the Pop Culture, Lifecourse, with William Strauss & Neil Howe.